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Mr Delaware and the Boxing Kangaroo 1895


Max Skladanowsky | Early Cinema

Boxing Kangaroo (German:Das Boxende Känguruh) is an 1895 German short black-and-white silent documentary film, directed and produced by Max Skladanowsky, which features a Kangaroo boxing against a man against a white background at the Circus Busch. The film, which premiered at the first public projection of motion pictures in Germany on November 1, 1895, was filmed on 35 mm film and is 18 feet in length. The "groundbreaking production", was, according to WildFilmHistory, "a huge success", which, ""espite being intended for entertainment rather than as a scientific behaviour study", "revealed animal actions in a way that had never been seen before", and, "exposed the potential for future films concerning wildlife and natural history".

Cast: Delaware.

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