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Orphans of the Storm 1921


D.W. Griffith | History , Romance , Drama

The epic tale of two step-sisters, Henriette and Louise Girard, caught up in the storm of the French Revolution. Louise, the child of an aristocrat, was abandoned on the cathedral steps where Henriette's father found her and took her home to raise as their own. After Louise goes blind, Henriette takes her to Paris where she hopes her sight can be restored. They are separated however, with Louise taken in by an old hag who forces her to beg on the street. Henriette has met the handsome Chevalier de Vaudrey who, although an aristocrat, is kind and cares about his fellow man. With the advent of the revolution, both Henriette and de Vaudrey are sentenced to the guillotine and it left to Danton to plead their case.

Cast: Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Joseph Schildkraut.

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